Leaddy2016! Thank you also (a little feature-length) this year

Thank you for looking always giving Leaddy. It is Lead of a writer. Last Post 2016, introduce the things that I like in the personal things that I bought.

Pilgrim Surf supply of Sakosshu and Kindle Paper white cartoon model
Very convenient to be indispensable to going out, and to have and walk along the key of a smart phone, Sayh, and a car, etc. every day. It excels in durability and lightweight at lip stop cloth. Though it is small, storage power is also good, and it is easy to unite also with various styles.
Since the Kindle paper white comics model is a comics lover, this model of a capacity steep rise cannot be removed. It purchases for discount campaign the other day. You come in handy in size entering also Sakosshu.

The kung fu jacket of the denim of neighborhood. It was love at first sight. It is also the feature to also attach the zipper besides an impressive toggle button. Denim is a legit type, carries out comfort also of the future aging, and is one suit of everybody. The kung fu jacket was released. Was it popular by many brands, this year?

Patagonia of Diamond Quilt bomber Hoody
New work of Patagonia which looked for and found the light and warm light outer. It can store compactly. It is also the point that water-repellent treatment is also carried out. Military olive color is also a good feeling, Kohde easy to be attractive.It is a main outer this year.

Fred Perry Laurel lease tape track jacket
It fell in love with this track jacket worn when Ms. Kyouko Koizumi decorated a cover with the culture magazine SWITCH at first sight, and ran to the shop immediately. Was it this year when the sport mix style also attracted attention?

Rebuild by needle’s 7-Cuts Flannel Shirt
To dismantle the flannel shirt of old clothes, 7-Cuts Flannel Shirt was rebuilt, the same thing there is no single point product as one shirt.This is also Hebirote favorite.

Rebuild of South 2 West 8 limited by the needle’s fishing shirt jacket
Many brands are also the hunter ducks of a popular motif. Distressed hunting shirt custom has been shirt jacket based on the one wearing a shine also logo of vivid color.

Gung Ho Baker pants back satin camp fatigue trousers olive
Use the fabric of military things, a large patch pockets on the front, with a flap back pocket is characterized by Baker pants.A silhouette and color are pleasing and purchase. It is one of wear ease preeminent.

T-shirt various kinds (hard core chocolate, a bounty hunter, Tower Records)
Too much, because it does not is Corde in one piece T-shirt, but T-shirt was just plain mono, this year, Mad Max anger of Death Road story (hard core chocolate), animation of Kirurakiruneta (hard core chocolate), the bounty hunter Boba Fett, get the Schroeder of Tower Records × peanuts.Or [ quite impact ]. Tower Records is in the mood since the beginning also original apparel.

Sweatshirt various (hard core chocolate, MAXIMUM THE HORMONE)
Death Road story of Parker Mad Max anger of hard-core chocolate this time.The apparel of a very favorite movie is one suit of having wanted to get absolutely. Maximum The Hormone of Parker also always but was crying not buy in popularity, somehow click.When it has purchased, it decided in the same Mino pause.

Vincent Vega Cap of an equalizer
Are attracted to the maniac is that home improvement of logo cap hero serve in the movie equalizer! Mesh cap that can kill the evil in 19 seconds.A movie is a recommendation! When the addition was also wonderful and was the Fox catcher’s badge, !!! was not thought but it flew up.

The form with a classic old school of the Hirosada watch VANS is the new work which updated spec. as it is. He cannot but buy the new time-tested product which updated each part, an inner, etc. and to which it became light, and the ease of wearing also became good. The navy is a favorite although color is also abundant.

Nike Sokkudato (NIKEiD)
This year, which became very popular Nike Sokkudato.All the part all blacks order in Nike iD of custom-made service. Then, normally all-black is released, but I was a little frustrating, the custom in the long time of the Nike iD It was fun.

Jam Home Made Monsters University / HALF COLLEGE RING
Kihara KIDS Mamesara elephant
BEAMS × Enjiniadogamentsu of TIMX campers original

the jam homemade movie material of a favorite accessories brand — reason which he will not buy if and also it comes with a favorite college ring motif! The pop design of the new form called half college ring and a monster university has said mind.

If Mr. jam homemade does member registration, the campaign and point system which can be purchased quite profitably are also substantial, and he cannot shine easily.
I tried to ride the recent Mamesara boom.Any Kihara’s product of porcelain is a nice design, Mamesara of this elephant is, now, I’m using put ring, the accessories.And you want to align all series, I will be very pleased to gift.
Collaboration watch dial that were released in the Beams 40 anniversary is reversed.It lacks the functionality that know the time to look at the clock, but the design of this unusual dial is I like it very much.

stacking of the life style line of STUSSY — a mug likes that a drink can be drunk in the mood of a camp. It is also convenient that a handle can be folded and stacking can be carried out, and the font design appropriate for STUSSY is also great.

The mug to which the archives graphics of the legendary blowout band “Sex Pistols” were given from MLE of MEDICOM TOY. deep blue glass — a mug with a mug unbearable to a blowout lover which designed those famous graphics to the mug.

Hot Toys Kosubeibi Star Wars series 1.0 [Size S] Boba Fett
Nde Boba Fett fans, always, has a search of Bobaguzzu, but that the Boba appeared to Kosubeibi series, reservation.Considerably, it is kept waiting and arrives at an end of the year. Satisfaction in great detail and deformation seems to Hot Toys.The Boba is, now, a little, I have been premium reduction.

The SNOOPY museum limited goods.
We go finally to Snoopy fan of the Holy Land Snoopy Museum.Impression that provision in one shot the Astro Notes Kitan Club! Fire limited mug, limited Tomica, his birthday of key chains, memo, such as such as a ball-point pen, is a weak author is a limited.buying it — also missing — since it is in large numbers, I would like to go again — coming out — the shin.

Since the merit which can do the SNOOPY figure of MEDICOM TOY has also released much maniac SNOOPY in the place which many fans accept, it is pleasure each time. Since the doctor’s SNOOPY was seen for the first time, he was a click immediately.

Finally, recently, Kiteru! Analog games, board games and feel.It is glad that a fan is increasing in number and going up certainly. In New domestic board game has become very popular in the hard-to-find, managed to get the Tokyo Highway’s ITTEN.The game from which the player which set the vehicle top on hand altogether previously serves as a winner while connecting a way and making it cross in two levels is a game which wants to come to take [ a photograph ] the road made after the play. Since the board game of a huge market also comes to be known even in Japan and a domestic game is also substantial, he enjoys himself from now on, and it comes out, and is unavoidable in the world.

A part of board game which the writer incidentally purchased this year It is out of order. I can hear also from a board game cafe opening in the whole country this year about climax.

Although I have introduced a fashion, a gadget, a hood, etc. which are worried this year also by the reason for saying, since I will carry out a nearby upgrade in 2017 next year and I will contribute, I patronage-wish-do Leddy in the future.

December 31, 2016 Leaady Writer Lead

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